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Agriculture & forestry

China is gradually becoming a big importer of agricultural and forestry products, including soybean, corn, wheat, barley and rice, etc. We have experienced inspectors,comprehensive industry knowledge and professional testing method. Supported by the CCIC Group global business network, we provide independent, accurate and one-stop inspection and testing services ensure the interests of the customer.


Grain, wood, woodchip.

Our services

Quantity & weight verification

Weighed scale, logscaling, draft Survey, etc

Quality inspection

For all kinds of customers, we provide quality inspection and factory inspection, to guarantee the trade smoothly and reduce the risk.

Loading/discharging supervision 

To supervise the loading and discharging process on behalf of customers, to prevent the loss of import/export goods during transportation.

Loss assessment

We can identify the deterioration, mix, damage, destruction, shortage of commodities as the basis for the claim, return, replenishment or replacement.

Training & technical consulting service

Providing quality and draft survey training service for manufacturing enterprise, trader and port staff.

Providing technical support service for traders within trade contract to reduce the risks relate to the defects due to the technical terms of the contract.

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