On the background of trade globalization, technological progress, strengthening supervision and market fluctuation, mining development and trade are facing severe challenges.We can provide you with the inspection, testing, technical training and trade settlement services for mineral products,to decrease the risks and losses in international trade.


Iron ore, nickel ore,copper concentrate, alloy(ferrochrome, ferrosilion, silicomanganese), metallicsilicon, fluorspar, etc

Our services

Re-loading inspection service

According to the different situations of cargo, loading conditions and standards to make detailed inspection scheme, to implement supervision of the whole loading process, weight identification, pre-inspection on quality and cargo transport conditions ( Flowing moisture point, Transportable moisture limit, Moisture,etc.).

Weight &quality service

For steel mills, mining, traders and other customers to provide weight identification, supervision of loading/discharging and quality inspection services, such as mine quality inspection, loading port supervision and inspection, discharging port quality inspection, transshipment port inspection and factory inspection,etc. 

Arbitration service& judicial expertise

As a national authorized third-party inspection institution, we inspect the quality of the disputed products, or analyze and identify products composition according to the standards and technical specifications.

Stock management service

Providing custom-made stock quality and weight control service for customers.

Providing quality inspection service for storage and stacking to help customers control the quality of the inventory overall.

The whole industry chain product chain product quality monitoring service

We provide technical services from mining, trading to smelting production. Our on-site inspection team can provide 7 days * 24 hours of professional and efficient service domestic or abroad.

Training,rock-mineral identification & technical consulting service

Providing quality and draft survey training service for trader,smelting plant and port staff.

Providing technical service for mine owners to identify the rock-mineral.

Providing technical support service for traders within trade contract.


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