Many risks come up in fuel trade such as quality discrepancy,  short weight and transportation safety. Relying on the advanced instruments and equipments,experienced technical research and professional testing inspectors, CCIC FJ Co., Ltd. offers trusted “comprehensive, impartial, professional, efficient" service for fuel trade worldwide to decrease the risks and losses.



Coal, coke, solid biofuel, petrol coke, etc.

Our services

Re-loading inspection service

According to the different situations of cargo, loading conditions and standards(ISO, ASTM, GB) to make detailed inspection scheme, to implement supervision of the whole loading process, weight identification, quality inspection (Routine items, environmental items,etc.).

Weight & quality service

For all kinds of customers, we provide weight identification, supervision of loading/discharging and quality inspection services, such as mine quality inspection, loading port supervision and inspection, discharging port quality inspection, transshipment port inspection and factory inspection,etc. 

Stock management service

Providing custom-made stock quality and weight control service for customers.

Providing quality inspection service for storage and stacking to help customers control the quality of the inventory overall.

Training &technical consulting service

Providing quality and draft survey training service for trader, power plant and port staff.

Providing coal blending consulting service for mixing coal traders.

Providing technical support service for traders within trade contract.


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