Certification division is affiliated with China inspection certification group Fujian Co., Ltd. Is specialized in the certification service product line division, mainly responsible for the China quality certification center (CQC) Fujian regional certification service business.

Qualification and Honor

  • A representing NCB of China IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment) CB system

  • An official member of IQNet in China

  • An official member of IFOAM

  • The only officia lmember from China of CITA

  • An official member of GLOBALG.A.P

  • An official member of BRC

  • An official member of  IFOAM

  • An official member of ANF

  • Authorizedby the Japanese government to become the first PSE compulsory certification body in China

  • An official memberof SASO

  • Authorized by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) for compulsory product certification  operations

  • Granted the qualification to perform product and management system certification services by China National Accreditation Service(CNAS) for Conformity Assessmen


Contact Us
  • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
  • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
  • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319
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