The petrochemical products division is one of the core platforms for theinspection, identification and testing of petrochemical products under the CCIC Fujian. Our service capacity covers many fields such as crude oil, fuel, otherpetroleum products, chemical reagents, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials and so on .Our service network can be found all over the major petrochemical bases and terminals of Fujian province and its surrounding areas. As the leader in the third party inspection, identification and testing organization, we have comprehensive technology and scientific methods, focus on quality and safety. For all customers of oil and chemical products research and development, manufacture, trade, transportation, use and circulation, we provide innovative solutions to help you focus on stable, profitable and reliable business, to help you optimize product quality, ensure compliance, reduce the risk and protect the interests of trade.

The petrochemical testing center has a net laboratory area of nearly 1000 square meters. Testing equipment covers chromatography, spectrum, and petrochemical equipment for a total of 200 units (sets), worthmore than 12 million (RMB). We mainly have the RON AND MON testers, high frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR), multidimensional gas chromatograph, the new formula gasoline analyzer, gas chromatograph (GC), atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer and other advanced testing equipment nearly 70 units (sets). At the same time, we have a wide range of professional technical information and inspection standards.


Qualification and Honor

  • CNAS17020 Inspection Body Accreditaion Certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS).

  • CNAS17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

  • Qualification For Institution of Import & Export Commodity Inspection and Survey Certified by General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection andQuarantine of P.R.C.(AQSIQ)


Contact Us
  • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
  • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
  • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319
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