Hello! We have labelled ourselves as The Destiny Team after coming together through a Tony Robbins event in early 2013. Our mission in life to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment through everyone by seamlessly merging amazing life experiences, worldwide travel, financial opportunity, learning and contribution.

This video explains HOW we do it.


We obviously LOVE travel so we jumped on this opportunity immediately after watching the video.

Excited to find out more?

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We also have an International Skype Number +61 8 8121 8081 or just JoshuasMind / Khushnaaa :)

We also love philanthropy, spirituality, personal development, leadership, very fast cars and motorcycles, kite boarding and water sports, fashion, camping, language learning, organic food & cooking, exercising and yoga and paint balling/laser tag. We love to connect with EVERYONE! 😀